Super Deluxe: Why You're Hangry

"Hanger. It's a real thing." We couldn't agree more, which made animating all of the sweets in "The Science of Being Hangry" all too real for us.

 Super Deluxe asked us to bring this very important explainer video to life through a mixture of hand-drawn work and stop motion animation. After receiving their treatment, we got to work crafting a visual identity and animated approach that would help explain the science behind our angry hunger tendencies, all while playing off of the studio's quirky and colorful aesthetic. Take a look at the final product, learn a little something, and maybe have a snack while you do.

  • Client: Superdeluxe
  • Creative Director: Michaela Olsen
  • Creative Producer: Jess Peterson
  • Fabricator, Animator, and Post FX: Michaela Olsen