Nick Jr.: Snack Crafts

In past collaborations, we’ve played with felt, paper, and pipe cleaners to build Nick Jr. characters. This time, we decided to play with our food. Frame by frame, carrot by carrot, we crafted characters from some of Nick Jr.’s most popular TV shows, encouraging kids and parents to think of everyday foods from a more creative perspective. After gluing together dozens of popcorn kernels and crafting cotton candy clouds out of felt, our hand drawn animators composited facial features and details to bring each character to life.

  • Client: Nick Jr.
  • Creative Director: Michaela Olsen
  • Creative Producer: Jess Peterson
  • Producer: Maya Tanaka
  • Art Director and Food Stylist: Minkyung Chung
  • Stop Motion Animator: Victoria Arslani
  • Hand-drawn Animator: Maya Edelman
  • Post FX: Xiao Xiao Soup