Meredith x S.H x HGTV: My Space, My Style

Our tiniest project yet! To showcase HGTV and Sherwin-Williams' best interior design tips, we conceived a campaign to help viewers pick the right colors and accents to personalize their space.

Over the course of two weeks, our team constructed seven unique rooms, each measuring less than one square foot. The tiny rooms included over 65 custom set pieces including  tiny sailboats, couches, and contemporary-style furniture. The rooms themselves were fabricated using repurposed wood from Tri-lox workshop + mill.

During the fabrication process, X-ACTO knives became hacksaws, fabric scraps were crafted into aprons, hand towels, and throw pillows. Sewing pins added the tufts to our tiny couches, and a single plastic ivy leaf became a full-on palm leaf. We painted flower posters with tiny brushes and hand-stretched 2 inches of canvas over custom wooden frames. Building small comes at the risk of sacrificing detail, so we used everything at our disposal to make sure the intricacy of these tiny rooms didn't go unnoticed.

  • Client: Sherwin Williams
  • Agency: Meredith
  • Creative Director: Emily Collins
  • Creative Producer: Jess Peterson
  • Producer: Meghan Doherty
  • Animation Director and Animator: Anthony Galante
  • Fabricators: Minkyung Chung, Sami Kerwin, Andreas Dutz, Hillary Barton, and Anthony Galante
  • Post FX and Sound Design: Marisha Falkovich, Sabrina Chaney, Brenn Goodell, Hillary Barton, and Anthony Galante