Nick Jr.: Pinkie Pals

In the spirit of Nick Jr.'s "Pinkie Pals" puppet shows, the team tried our hand (pun intended!) at bringing creating our own Pinkie Pal video. With sets crafted out of paper and characters crafted out of felt and foam, we transformed our studio into a mini stage for the puppeteers.

  • Client: Nick Jr.
  • Creative Director: Michaela Olsen
  • Producer: Maya Tanaka
  • Live Action Director & Art Director: Anthony Galante
  • Fabricators: Anthony Galante, Minkyung Chung, Malik Sealy, Margaret Barry, Adriana Gramly, and Polina Zakharova
  • Puppeteers: Anthony Galante, Malik Sealy, Adriana Gramly, Margaret Barry, and Emily Collins
  • Post FX: Marisha Falkovich and Anthony Galante