The School of The New York Times

When you get a call from award-winning studio Particle 3 to create new content for an innovative educational platform at The New York Times, you don’t say no. The School of The New York Times provides a learning experience like no other –– offering both pre-collegiate and professional students an opportunity to learn from some of the world’s leading experts in storytelling, marketing, and design.

These online lectures needed a branded look that matched the company’s values and classic visual aesthetic while creating its own mark within the institution. We began with the opening sequence, which pulled all of these elements together. Nothing represents The New York Times better than the newspaper itself, so we got to work fabricating a series of 3D letters and replacement pieces made from old Times headlines. Through stop motion techniques, we created the illusion that the logo was growing right out of the pages, connecting this initiative back to the journalistic heart of the organization.

Next, we took on the courses themselves. Each lesson taught by a Times instructor was wonderfully rich with information, but needed some visual elements to act as helpful cues and mnemonic devices. After reviewing each course, we designed and animated hundreds of hand-drawn icons and text to complement each video and engage students.

Whether you’re looking to take classes online or in person, The School of The New York Times should be on your list to explore.

  • Client: The New York Times
  • Agency: Particle3
  • Creative Director: Michaela Olsen
  • Creative Producer: Jess Peterson
  • Animation Director: Michaela Olsen
  • Fabricators: Michaela Olsen, Minkyung Chung, and Anthony Galante
  • Stop Motion Animators: Michaela Olsen
  • Hand-Drawn Animators: Maya Edelman, Emily Collins, Michaela Olsen, and Efeme Onaodowan
  • Post FX: Michaela Olsen