Gandhi Blues Remix

Our first music video debuted on October 11, 2017 which was  both International Girls Day and National Coming Out day. There could not have been a better time to drop this anthem about love, feminism, and finding your voice. We met artist and activist Madame Gandhi (former drummer for M.I.A) through the powers of Instagram, as she searched for a female-led studio to produce the first video for her new EP, Voices Remix. Her remix album highlights other incredible female artists of color, adding vocals and instruments to her tracks. For Gandhi Blues Remix, Madame Gandhi enlisted writer and rapper Gizzle (of Diddy, Snoop, Ty Dolla $ign fame) to add a verse over the beat.

When they brought the track to our studio, we could immediately envision a moody world full of geometrics shapes, fabricated hands, and of course, lots of color. We pulled visual inspiration from pop greats like Beyonce and Bruno Mars, putting our our quirky spin onto things as we created our sets out of clay, paper mache, and wood. The whole process was an inspirational labor of love. Check out the video above, the debut on Stereogum, and our behind-the-scenes process below.

  • SONG: Gandhi Blues Remix: Lyrics, Melody, and Live Drums by Kiran Gandhi Lyrics by Gizzle Sound Design and Production by Alexia Riner Remix by Glenda Proby
  • Creative Director: Michaela Olsen
  • Creative Producer: Jessica Peterson
  • Live Action Cinematographer: Sarah Tricker
  • Fabricators: Minkyung Chung, Victoria Arslani, Anthony Galante
  • Animators: Emily Collins, Anthony Galante, and Michaela Olsen
  • Editing and Post FX: Michaela Olsen and Anthony Galante
  • PA and Behind-the-Scenes Editor: Erin Bagwell
  • Color Correction: Mary Perrino
  • Hair & Makeup: Kendra Dennis, Jackie Fusco, Takamichi Hair NYC