General Electric

GE is known as one of the most advanced tech companies in the world, but for this internal video project, they were looking to create a new world of technology through hand-crafted and accessible materials. That’s when Little Red Robot called on us to lead the production of this ‘brilliant’ story.

After receiving a general design direction, we assembled a team of talented makers to assist in the animation and fabrication of the video. A mix of clay, spray paint, paper, foam core, a few repurposed toys, and lots of cardboard were used to make each DIY robot and drone. Every scene was carefully assembled to resemble real working technologies, including 3D printers and augmented reality machines.

One very busy week later, our animations and GIFS were handed off to Little Red Robot’s team for post production. The final video and GIFs can be seen on GE’s website.

  • Agency: Little Red Robot
  • Client: General Electric
  • Art Director: Michaela Olsen
  • Creative Producer: Jess Peterson
  • Fabricators: Anthony Galante, Minkyung Chung, Michaela Olsen, and Kelsey Brewer
  • Stop Motion Animators: Matt Christensen, Michaela Olsen, and Anthony Galante