T Brand: Fairlife

In collaboration with The New York Times' creative agency T Brand Studio, our team was thrilled to create a special Paid Post for Fairlife Ultra-filtered Milk. Fairlife's mission is to not only educate consumers about their product's nutritional benefits, but to offer tips for a healthy lifestyle. So in this branded series, 30 Seconds to Better, we shared four 30-second tidbits to help audiences focus on better nutrition and digestion, reduce stress, and re-think their workouts.

To complement Fairlife's clean brand palette, we chose bold-colored paper to craft a world filled with tiny furniture, paper food, and health-fueled puppets.  After storyboarding and scripting each of Fairlife's health recommendations, our animation and post team carefully designed energizing transitions mixed with sound effects, music, and our friendly voiceover recorded at DuArt Media .

To create a cohesive post for the brand, we also took on the task of illustrating T Brand's Fairlife story, designing the title, footer, and call-out facts in paper. To see the complete paid post, running on NYTimes.com and in the NYTimes mobile app, click here.

  • Agency: T Brand Studio
  • Client: Fairlife
  • Creative Director: Michaela Olsen
  • Creative Producer: Jess Peterson
  • Concept Strategy: Mighty Oak
  • Stop Motion Animators: Matt Christensen, and Michaela Olsen
  • Fabricators: Anthony Galante, Junko Shimizu, Kelsey Brewer, Efeme Onaodowan, and Michaela Olsen
  • Post FX: Faye Kahn and Michaela Olsen
  • Sound Design: Anthony Galante
  • Voice Over: Alissa Alter