Etsy: Delivering a World of Good

Etsy is the first major online shopping destination to offset 100% of carbon emissions from shipping. In order to celebrate the company’s commitment to reducing their footprint, we partnered with their team to share an explainer video that melded stop motion and hand-drawn animation.

With only 2 weeks to complete, we pulled together some of our favorite 2D animators and compositors to bring the script to life both artistically and efficiently. The real Etsy packages that we created for this project paid homage to Etsy’s hand-crafted aesthetic. Thank you, Etsy for making a positive environmental impact!

  • Client: Etsy + Hone Productions
  • Creative Director: Michaela Olsen
  • Creative Producer: Jess Peterson
  • Producer: Megan Barbour
  • Designer: Irene Feleo
  • Lead 2D Animator: Jordan Bruner
  • 2D Animators: Jessica Milazzo, Sabrina Chaney
  • Stop Motion Animator: Anthony Galante
  • Fabricators: Minkyung Chung, Anthony Galante, Sami Kerwin
  • Storyboard Artist: Sami Kerwin