T Brand: Don Julio

The New York Times’ agency T Brand Studio was in need of a team to create one of their first animated screenplays, a collection of videos and editorial stories. This series, A Tequila Legend, included three videos that would tell the unique story of Don Julio Tequila.

Our three videos celebrate the rich history and detailed process that put Don Julio González's tequila on the map as one of the most premium brands on earth. Each tale shares a part of his legend -- how he got his start, where he perfected his premium craft, and how his one-of-a-kind tequila is made. His spirit of invention and quality was at the core of each film.

Since the story was to be watched on mobile as well as on desktop platforms, we crafted a storyline that would be accessible and could be understood without sound. We chose watercolors to illustrate our animations, as they created a whimsical and finely-crafted aesthetic that matched the quality of Don Julio tequila. See below for a behind-the-scenes look at our process.

  • Agency: T Brand Studio
  • Client: Don Julio Tequila
  • Creative Director: Emily Collins
  • Creative Producer: Jess Peterson
  • Concept Strategy & Messaging: Mighty Oak
  • Animation Director: Emily Collins
  • Fabricators: Marisha Falkovich, Emily Collins, Harriet Lenneman, and Minkyung Chung
  • Stop Motion Animators: Zack Williams, Emily Collins, and Marisha Falkovich
  • Post FX: Marisha Falkovich, Catherine Mehringer, and Emily Collins
  • Sound Design: Marisha Falkovich