Edelman: Delta Dental

This adorable campaign for Delta Dental gave us something to sink our teeth into. :)

Over a dozen mini teeth were created out of sculpey, including one with a very dramatic cavity. Each character received their own hand-painted mouth, eyebrow, and and eye lash replacements.

Custom-built wooden sets, hand-sewn rugs, couches, and tiny apparel were crafted for each video. Plus a mini soda bottle cast for a game of spin the bottle.

Best of all, we had the chance to create our own oversized gummy bear, made in sculpey, cast in resin, and painted with a mixed pigment to create the translucent red of a gummy. It was painted with a gloss medium to give it that jelly shine.

  • Client: Edelman + Delta Dental
  • Creative Director: Michaela Olsen
  • Creative Producer: Jess Peterson
  • Producer: Megan Barbour
  • Lead Animator: Anthony Galante
  • Assistant Animator: Andrew Yates
  • Fabricators: Minkyung Chung, Anthony Galante, Sami Kerwin, Atiyeh Hess, Michaela Olsen
  • Storyboards: Sami Kerwin, Lauren Schmidt
  • Post FX: Andrew Yates, Sabrina Chaney
  • Sound Design: Hansdale Hsu