Airbnb Plus

In 2018, our friends at Airbnb launched AirbnbPlus, a program featuring a selection of hosts known for that extra wow factor. We partnered with their creative team to design a campaign of videos offering fun and practical tips for potential Plus hosts. Each video was modeled after a real host's home, with custom-crafted record artwork and all sorts of stop motion tricks.

  • Client: Airbnb
  • Creative Director: Michaela Olsen
  • Creative Producer: Jess Peterson
  • Producer: Niki Janowski
  • Director of Photography: Zachary Poots
  • Stop Motion Animators: Victoria Arslani, Anthony Galante, Sam Shumway, Andreas Dutz, Emily Collins
  • Stylist: Rose Kennedy, Katy Trost
  • Assistant Cameraman: Anthony Johnson
  • Gaffers and Grip: Alexa Hiramitsu, Alex Nelson, Brigid Swanik
  • Post FX: Marisha Falkovich, Brenn Goodell, Andrew Yates, Michaela Olsen