2015 has clearly marked the year of the female founder, and we are continuously grateful to be part of such a dynamic and exciting community here in NYC. When we were asked to speak about the art of storytelling at entrepreneurial conference Urban Retreat, hosted by Lean In NYC founder Mary Dove and Pop Productions founder Miraya Burke, we not only said yes, but offered to help them create awareness about the weekend with a simple animated story. After brainstorming concepts around the conference's mission and aesthetic, we came up with a storyboard to create a 15 second video for their social platforms. 

Once approved, each piece was crafted using cut paper and acrylic paint (and a little cotton too.) Our vision was to depict a group of women discussing work and life over s'mores, and under the city skyline. And thats pretty much was we all did at Urban Retreat. Thanks to its founders, sponsors, and General Assembly's hosting skills, we all had a chance to discuss ideas, stories, and the importance of finding your voice.