We love companies with a great mission -- Susty Party is one of them. Their sustainable, compostable party tableware is also made in partnership with non-profit factories who employ the blind. We just admire this female-founded company to pieces and are excited to start an animated partnership with them this year!

Our first mission was to create a few Instagram promo videos celebrating sustainable 4th of July parties. Our first video was short and sweet, playing with classic 'pop' animation stylings and sound effects.  With each pop came a very necessary, and very cute, piece of your holiday party setting. Our next video took these eco-friendly objects to the next level. Emily playfully crafted a 'sustainable' city out of Susty Party cups, transforming bits of straws into fireworks, and cutlery into a mini crowd. Instilling emotion into objects is just about one of the most satisfactory things you can do in animation. It gets us every time and we hope it give you some fuzzy feelings too!