In 2014, 84% of businesses that were funded by investors were founded by all-male teams. Only 4% of those businesses were founded by all women. Not only does that affect the growth of thousands of female-founded companies that are launched each day, it also affects the growth of our economy. That's why Deborah Jackson has co-founded 1,000 Strong -- to provide a platform for investors to connect with exceptional female-led companies.

As you might know by now, we ARE a female-founded company, so learning of their mission really hit home. When starting our small business, we, like many other companies, chose to 'boot-strap' it, using our own savings to get things off the ground. It certainly works, but truly understanding the benefits of gaining capital can completely change the game for your business. As fans of Deborah's parent initiative, Plum Alley, we were more than honored to have the opportunity to share the importance of the 1,000 Strong program on film.

We chose to take a documentary approach to the video by interviewing Deborah in the comfort of her lovely home. With the help of sound recordist Sharon Mashihi, we were able to capture Deborah in her element as she spoke freely to us and her team about the reasons for the funding disparity and what we can do about it. She spoke to potential female-investors, reminding us all that if you have a savings account, you're already an investor and need to start thinking of yourself that way.

The experience was life-changing. It inspired us all to assess our stand on financial risk, and make plans for our own business growth. With over an hour of amazing dialogue it was challenging to cut down to only 1 minute worth of content, but we'll be holding on to the rest for future videos. 

For now, go to to learn more.