If you couldn't already tell, The Mighty Oak team grew up-- and is in love with Penguin Books. So we were absolutely thrilled when APK Consulting invited us to be involved in their Mad Libs holiday campaign. Once we received the concepts, Michaela got to work building a mini set fit for our new pal Gourdan --who is of course-- a gourd. Each little detail, from mini mugs to mini Mad Libs books, mini stockings, and mini fireplace, was hand-crafted. Our little gourds were set upon a movable floor, and Gourdan was given something to write with.  Even our mini tree was decked with lightbulbs for a truly Christmas vibe. Director Lauren Sieczkowski brought it all together in this special little video, and our dreams have been realized. 

Happy Holidays!

Production: APK Consulting
Direction: Lauren Sieczkowski
Fabrication: Mighty Oak
Prop Shopping: ZuZu Snyder