When Nick Jr. asked us to produce a promotional video for their latest show Blaze and the Monster Machines, we raced to help! As former art educators, we’re passionate about providing fun and engaging content. And with a request for glow-in-the-dark animation, we knew this would be a blast to create. 

After finalizing our character designs and storyboards, we got to work crafting each character out of cardboard, paper, and lots of hot glue. We brought in UV lights, neon paint and lots of bright paper to capture a glow-in-the-dark story all under the camera. Take a look at how it all came together below. And check out the final video on Nick Jr. to see who won the race!

Client: Nick Jr.

Creative Director:  Emily Collins
Creative Producer: Jess Peterson
Animation Director: Victoria Arslani
Fabricators: Victoria Arslani, Anthony Galante and Minkyung Chung
Stop Motion Animator: Victoria Arslani
Post FX Clean up: Marisha Falkovich