What better way to help our client West Elm introduce its new spring bedding line than create a world of characters out of their textiles! The concept went inside the minds of actual West Elm employees, combining live action and animated worlds. Through thoughtful character design, and elaborate set design, we put those employees on sandy beaches, in hot air balloons, and through lush forests. We chose natural sound effects over music, to create a serene and dream-like experience. With over a hundred thousand views and counting, this was a particularly dreamy project for Mighty Oak.

Client: West Elm

Creative Director: Emily Collins
Creative Producer: Jess Peterson
Animation Director: Emily Collins
Fabrication: Emily Collins, Minkyung Chung, Anthony Galante
Stop Motion Animators: Emily Collins, Anthony Galante, Michaela Olsen
Post FX: Emily Collins, Anthony Galante
Sound Design: Anthony Galante