"Drinking coffee is serious business. The average American drinks 3 cups a day -- thats 587 million cups across the country. With so many of us drinking the stuff every day, how do we really know when we're having a fresh cup?"

This was the question that the science nerds at GIR wanted to answer. Founder Samantha Rose has been improving the efficiency of kitchen products for years and with her latest coffee grinder product wanted to share the science behind great coffee with her customers. While GIR already had a great Kickstarter campaign to talk about their grinder's capabilities, her team was looking for a story that would fuse science, history, and fun into one accessible explainer video and branded content piece. That's where we came in.

After learning more about the process ourselves, our team adapted a script and brought it to the recording studio. After storyboarding, we began fabrication and headed into the animation room. Once the live objects were recorded, we began post production, editing each scene with hand-drawn elements, sound effects, and music. 

But that wasn't all! We wanted GIR to continue building the buzz around their product and this new story, so we created both a 30-second teaser and a variety of GIFs that could be composited into emails for their fanbase. Take a look at our teasers below!

Production, Fabrication, and Animation: Mighty Oak
Actors and Voice Overs: Leigh Martha Klinger, Derrick Karg