Leah Weinberg is the founder and one-woman-show behind Color Pop Events, an event company that caters to the fun, the bold, and the colorful. Her styling talents and thoughtful planning make her events memorable and magical, but when your work happens behind-the-scenes, it's hard to explain just how you bring a party to life!


So when Leah came to us about making a promotional video, we wanted to find a way to show how dreamy her work really is. Enter Spike: Leah's exceptionally adorable Boston Terrier and mascot of ColorPop Events. With the help of Juli Vaughn, Josh Chudnovsky, and 501 Union, Leah's video takes a step into Spike's animated universe, as he dreams about the colorful wedding events that Leah creates.

The animation process was just as fun as our live shoot. Emily went straight to work, crafting paper bouquets, polaroids, veils, bow ties, and of course, paper Spike. But when it came time for Spike's dream world to burst with color, paper Spike seemed a bit more excited than the real guy. Sorry Spike -- still friends?