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At a time when polarizing politics make us question the world's love for humanity, there is Chula the Clown. Hailing from Mexico City, Gaby Munoz, otherwise known as Chula, has spent over a decade working alongside other clowns in refugee camps and areas affected by conflict. This short film takes a look into the beautiful universe that Chula creates, and asks us to explore how we connect with each other.

"I want to connect with people. I want to see people in their eyes. And I want people to feel that, while we all have different conditions, we’re still connected. With invisible strings maybe, but we’re not on our own. We all feel the same. We all have fear. We all feel love. We all want to laugh. We all want to cry. And that’s something that is very basic, and when we understand that we are all that, that’s it. Who cares if I have $10.00 more than you have or if my skin is whatever, it doesn’t matter. Or my religion or how I speak. It has nothing to do with how we are connected inside, in our hearts." - Chula The Clown

Director: Emily Collins
Producers: Jessica Peterson, Emily Collins
Cinematography: Emily Collins, PJ Rountree, Kaija Siirala
Fabrication and Animation: Emily Collins, Zuzu Snyder
Editing: Emily Collins, Kaija Siirala